Hej Hej! Awake again are you?

Yes, yes I am. As I am out a few hundred miles away from everyone with a vested interest in what I’m doing, I thought it would be easier to post it up here. Saves recounting the stories, doesn’t it.

So does this mean that you will actually post regularly?
The intention is there, yes. Hopefully I will be doing enough interesting things to warrant that.

So much must have changed then,  can we do some questions on you?
Alright, but some stuff will be addressed in a later post.

Question 1; what the fuck is with that name?
I like this name. Cartography is catchier than travelogue. And the other part is from my twitter handle, which I don’t think has ever changed in 5 years. That’s pretty good for me.

1b; OK, explain the cartography bit.
Cartography is map making. Since this will mostly be about my experiences travelling through other cities, it is a kind of map making that I do myself.

1c; what about the other places that you have travelled to this year?
If you know about the other places I’ve travelled to this year, then you will know I didn’t really have time to sleep, let alone much else. Maybe I will write retrospectives on them in these dark Danish evenings, which I am told are very grim.

2; So where have you gone again?
Copenhagen, in Denmark. Hence the picture that’s kind of Denmark related at the top.

2b; Where in Copenhagen?
I’m sure if you’re really desperate to know the NSA can tell you but I am in quite a green district about half an hour from the town centre on foot. Also I’m not buying this A, B and C business, you’re on your fifth question.

3; Do you cross post?
I suppose I have to in a way, don’t I? I’ve got many different platforms and I all use them as infrequently as you might expect for them all essentially being the same thing. If it’s prudent then I will link them all together, or you can start your own bit of detective work.

4; Anything that we should know?
WordPress has changed quite a bit since I last used it intensively so forgive technical screw ups.


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