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Hej Hej! Awake again are you?

Yes, yes I am. As I am out a few hundred miles away from everyone with a vested interest in what I’m doing, I thought it would be easier to post it up here. Saves recounting the stories, doesn’t it.

So does this mean that you will actually post regularly?
The intention is there, yes. Hopefully I will be doing enough interesting things to warrant that.

So much must have changed then,  can we do some questions on you?
Alright, but some stuff will be addressed in a later post.

Question 1; what the fuck is with that name?
I like this name. Cartography is catchier than travelogue. And the other part is from my twitter handle, which I don’t think has ever changed in 5 years. That’s pretty good for me.

1b; OK, explain the cartography bit.
Cartography is map making. Since this will mostly be about my experiences travelling through other cities, it is a kind of map making that I do myself.

1c; what about the other places that you have travelled to this year?
If you know about the other places I’ve travelled to this year, then you will know I didn’t really have time to sleep, let alone much else. Maybe I will write retrospectives on them in these dark Danish evenings, which I am told are very grim.

2; So where have you gone again?
Copenhagen, in Denmark. Hence the picture that’s kind of Denmark related at the top.

2b; Where in Copenhagen?
I’m sure if you’re really desperate to know the NSA can tell you but I am in quite a green district about half an hour from the town centre on foot. Also I’m not buying this A, B and C business, you’re on your fifth question.

3; Do you cross post?
I suppose I have to in a way, don’t I? I’ve got many different platforms and I all use them as infrequently as you might expect for them all essentially being the same thing. If it’s prudent then I will link them all together, or you can start your own bit of detective work.

4; Anything that we should know?
WordPress has changed quite a bit since I last used it intensively so forgive technical screw ups.


Setting the scene

Bonjour y’all.

I started this (two or three days ago) with perhaps more noble intentions of not being just a diary, but I’m going to drop all that crap now and just admit to the fact that this is going to loiter in diary territory for some time.

This is the setting the scene a bit more elaborately than the last entry. Right now I’m catching up with my best friend Penelope over msn, because I got back from New Zealand five days ago from seeing my boyfriend and to be honest, I haven’t really spoken to any of my friends since I got back. I’ve been a bit depressed since I got back (naturally), I don’t particularly want to head out much, but I really should see all my friends before we have to bugger off back to university again. It’s also my birthday soon, which should serve as a convenient way to corral them all together.

It occurs to me now that this is also something of a to do list.

Therefore, things I have to do:

  • I recieved a phone call from the Coroner’s office yesterday, giving me the date of the inquest, SIX MONTHS after Oscar’s death. Six months is a bit damn much, isn’t it?! Oscar isn’t a European citizen; he, was, rather, a young man from across the South Atlantic. Why should it take six months to investigate his death? Are the police really investigating the circumstances behind his death so thoroughly, thoroughly enough to ensure that a poor young man who may or may not have been a victim of people trafficking is never put in such an awful situation again?

I doubt it. But I think it would be great if those selfish, aloof idiots from the Met actually did enough to make up for all the shit they put Oscar’s friends, his family, even his fucking college through. Just catching the other selfish bastards who considered themselves his friends when they pushed him down that mental slide while they covered their guilt with drugs would be fucking stellar, really. I hope I’m not going to have to meet any of them at the inquest; but I doubt they’d care enough to go.

As you may have surmised, certain circumstances surrounding Oscar’s death are still sore for me. They are certainly one reason why I’m not going to touch illicit drugs in my foreseeable lifetime. What people do with themselves is fine by me, but no thanks.

  • Back to the list: I have to fill in two insurance claim forms from my trip to NZ, one loss and one medical. The medical one is just a formality, but the loss! I had my camera taken when I was in Tauranga. It’s a reasonably pretty place, but chavs of Tauranga, I hate you. You were the one place in the whole of NZ that I didn’t like, because of the chavs.

I’ve also got a lot of other things on my mind. This year, I need to find a job to fit in with university – hard with the hire and fire culture of London, but I probably just need to toughen myself up a bit and acclimatise myself to that kind of environment. It’s better than the ‘absolutely no vacancies whatsoever’ environment of my village and its closest town. Perhaps the thing that most annoys me is the whole experience thing: you need it to get it. But when I get down to London again I’m just going to stick my fucking arm out, bite my lip and try not to let a lot of rejections get to me.

Last thing (well, this isn’t ranked or anything) is university. Specifically my reading list but in the background is my schedule, because it ties into everything else. Among the other things I have to read is Ulysses by James Joyce, which I anticipate using as a door stop or bludgeoning tool once I’m finished with it. I’ve already read some of the books, but i’ve also misplaced bloody Paradise Lost, which is my favourite book, and I’m really annoyed I’ve misplaced. Otherwise I’m really anticipating my course this year, mainly because I’ve picked it and hopefully there will be a minimum of Virginia Woolf about. For some reason she’s just not my cup of tea, though I tend to like the crackpots of modern literature (stand up WB Yeats). Mainly, this year will be about early modern English: Shakespeare and Milton, good day to ye. Also a linguistics module that I’m hoping will be really interesting, because when I took it at A level it was great, apart from all the repetitive paper work! It helped that I seemed to have a natural knack for it, which I hope I haven’t lost with my losing of my creative writing sense too.

I will check back at this list periodically to see how much I’ve done, but you don’t have to. (!)

Hello world!

Hello World?

Hahahahaha, perhaps not quite, it’s what I imagine smart alec babies think when they are born.

This is the third blog i’ve started and is going to be the one I’m going to try and maintain for once, instead of venting on people about all sorts.

Though to be honest, I would hate it if this just became some quiet backwater of the internet reserved for angry shouting. If anything, this is to reinvigorate my sense of writing. I study English Literature, and its rather crushed my own literary faculties: not so good at all.

Well I suppose I should set out some ground rules and categories!

My only rule is to be polite. The whole world, should be more polite. I might curse a fair amount but I’m not swearing at someone, I’m usually swearing in someone’s periphery at a certain item.

In general I’ll pretty much be just addressing what interests me, which is probably too catch all to be useful. However, I’m an English student at a certain college of the University of London (so there’s three right there), I’m going into my second year and I’ll be living with five other girls in a couple of weeks time. I have a pretty big family and a wide circle of friends, and a really great boyfriend, who unfortunately lives on a different continent to me (argh!). I’ve just spent two months (about) in New Zealand, and that was my first trip outside Europe and the b.e.s.t. time of my whole life. When I get back to London hopefully I’ll get a job too, but that’s a big hope right there.