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Everywhere in Copenhagen!


These things are everywhere. It took a week for me to see one with well deserved grafitti on.


…In which I did finally start a Tumblr

Thanks Tumblr I think, for the infographic, though I fished out of a random site on google.A post a few months ago I considered beginning a tumblr in order to record some of the silly mistakes i see around a lot. So I did, and gave it the suitable tumblr-ish name and a theme with Helvetica font and block colours in.

I’ve found using it though that sometimes I do just want to share stuff without necessarily having errors in, it is difficult to stick to my proverbial mandate. I’ve also noticed that tumblr possibly destroys your attention span. It’s a twitter with pictures and humans are visual creatures, though also tumblr does not choke up Opera (at least, for me) as much as twitter does since its redesign. My attention span was only as long as my finger anyway, but I treasured what I had!

Tech update on unthink:
Sank like a stone in a unoxygenated lake. Pretty much all its PR occurred in two months (when I signed up for my trial) but it is now unreachable. I have not been emailed telling me about its unstatus as the unfacebook!

Alright, alright, I’m done now.

Seriously though, for apparently having 100,000 users, surely there’s some sort of business filing to be had in just disappearing off the face of the electronic earth with all your users information without so much as a peep.

So what should I try next? Pinterest?

In which I’m thinking of starting a Tumblr…

I’m thinking of utilising my epic reading of the news to compile a tumblr of dodgy journalism. Not under any particular categories either, just whatever takes it upon my to remark upon.

A lot of the bad journo sites I know are either overly Amerocentric or are only about the Daily Mail. Having taken the time to search for certain articles on the Indy or Guardian I can tell you know that dumb writing pervades across many different outlets. I kind of like Tumblr’s more semi-twitter format, as I’m not sure how often I will actually encounter bad journalism and have enough time to actually post it.

I’ve just been trying to think of a catchy name that hasn’t been taken yet. I thought of one in the shower earlier but it will have to come back to me…

Keep you posted!