Like waking up with a black eye

So, we’ve all had time to think and consider the riotous night before. Literally.

Unfortunately for those protesting peacefully, history will record this as a very large riot with many examples of hurt and splendid idiocy. Whether it was the police letting the royals through the riot or some complete f*ckwit who, on revelation of his identity, we realise will never have to worry about money in his life, Friday December 10 2010 has certainly been a sobering day.

Unless you are presently occupying the library, you guys still have some waking up to do. Mainly, if you are going to reoccupy the library with the intent of fixing the mess that the student body thinks you created, it would be wise to well inform them that you are doing it.

Naturally, the reactions to both events have been all over the shop of negativity. I personally, as WanderingSight, am absolutely appalled by the rioting and offended by the defacing of sacred monuments to the millions dead who died for the rights we enjoy. However, sometimes I think showing how much people get ‘riled’ as it were is no sterner way to demonstrate to the wigs at the top the point that ultimately, they are fucking with people’s entire lives. Similarly, while I am disappointed and ashamed of the rioters, I bear in mind that most of the people there weren’t rioters. They were just following a crowd mentality. Now, if only the NUS weren’t a bunch of weak Kerenskys we might have a plan.

As the police and the rioters, well there’s another thorny issue. My own past dealings with the Metropolitan police have led me to the conclusion that they are rampantly incompetent and crass, never mind sociopathic on occasion (Jean Charles de Menezes, anyone?). However, not to make a hypocrite of myself, I try and think that they are just people too. Maybe our protest policing style should change from this:

To something less hand to hand. But that leads us into CS Gas and watercannons. Freezing watercannons are a terrible idea. But truncheons lead to brain haemorhages, as we are sadly waiting to find out if there has been long term mental damage in this tactic. With each demonstration police tactics change (or are meant to) and after these riots, perhaps they will lay off (Kettling invites trouble effect now well observed) or, perhaps, we will see more of the kind of policing that surrounds the increasing sectarian violence in Northern Ireland. Let’s not forget now, England doesn’t have an intermediary force between the police and the army. Yes, I will mention it as an aside – if the riots become genuine, chronic unrest, that idea must vaguely float at the back of your mind.

Realistically however, I don’t think it will get that far.

But as to what i think will happen?
I just don’t know.


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