Oh, I’ve done this again.

Bonjour y’all.

I know I’ve not been around in a while, and its not because of writers block (I had several things I did want to write about!) or something else, I’ve just been unbearably busy:

Writing essays (three down, one to go)
Obtaining and then doing a job (I work in a store on Regents Street.)
Writing other articley material and seeing it published (my university magazine, hopefully the London Student but my university hasn’t received any magazine copies in a while)
Protesting in Central London
Attending extraneous lectures (about work and weird psychology and stuff)
As you might imagine, resting after wheedling about like a blue assed fly.

I was going to post about the protesting really, just a single sentiment:

Why is it always a small bunch ruining it for the rest of us? Whether its a small bunch of students carrying on a dispute they know nothing about because they were not alive in the era / HAH none of their parents were coal miners, (no, really) or a small bunch of Muslim extremists burning poppies on Remembrance day (even when something like 70,000 Muslims died in wars fighting <with> the Europeans), its always these people taking the headlines from the rest of us.

Even when the majority isn’t silent, it is still only the minority is heard.

Why is this !?


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