The ‘F’ Word has a Long, Hard, Horrible Way to go before Reclamation.

*This article also contains other sorts of F words.


In my society clear out of the Summer, I decided that I would join some more interesting societies in my university this year. One of which was the feminist society, because they all looked like a nice bunch and I am a girl, so I should really put a look in here.

There is a Reclaim the Night March in London this year which I was really thinking of going to. Someone posted an objection to it (a lady objecting to the non explicit inclusion of transwomen in the march) and upon pursuing this objection, half an hour later I’m knee deep in seven tabs about the non inclusion of Transwomen in various feminist things.

I have now realised why I avoiding joining the feminist society last year. Feminism to the average lady is still caught up in squabbling with itself in oikey, vain little factions then it is about doing something about anything.

If someone objects to the pathologicisation of being transgender (as in, treating like some mental disorder) and thus criticises the fast doling out of pills and surgery like it was fucking Ebola then I think they have a right to think that. Being transgendered is not a disease and if you think it is, well, what? I do not quite see how one goes from here to certain transgendered individuals understanding this to be a call to the genocide of all transgendered people.

And Piss taking point of pedantry regarding this argument from an English student – if you guys don’t mind creating words for everything else, then make up another word for transgendercide, (something snappier than that) because transgendered people aren’t a different race.

I don’t know any transgendered people (yet) though I know they are an active part of my university’s community. I think if signs started explicitly stating if they were allowed to join in things, I think they would be insulted as would the University faculty, who felt that somewhere along the line their students were so intolerant (especially in this university) that this was necessary. What if sports societies or clubs up and down the land suddenly, explicitly stated that gay, lesbian transgender and cisgender members were (or indeed weren’t D: ) welcome? I think it’s patronising to all concerned. What happened to the common expectation of people to be, well….

Not complete dickheads to each other?


If I was transitioning through genders I would go to whichever gender I felt most appropriate in. As for the people residing in that gender… well, what’s it to them what I consider myself? They might not understand where I’m coming from but as long as they are polite to me then it’s just their issue. I live in London, and I go to university. I have every reason to be a cynic about what a person on the street is like but I’m not; if you think everyone who you do not know personally is some sort of reprehensible moron who does not have the cognitive faculties to understand mutual respect, then I would submit to you that you do not either. At all. I would also kindly suggest some other things which are not to be added to the stream of ugly anger the vast internet already heaves.

I know this is a particularly difficult subject for some transgender individuals to fall down on in regards to ‘where you’re comfortable’ question, but your gender or orientation should never stop you participating in what you want to do, whether or not its standing up to domestic violence (the Reclaim the Night marches) or just playing a sport.

I’m going to find something purple tomorrow and I’m going to wear it. I’m not American but what happened to those kids was awful and I think the whole world should learn from that how sickening the wrong side of human nature could be. But I do not think a picture should be painted of an especially horrible violent upswing against young LGBT people because it would only spread fear into their community, which isn’t fair. People need solidarity, not scare mongering. I would also suggest that a couple of better role models might be in order, as the ones we have at present seem to be outdated.

It’s funny, because when I think about that, the people I think of are sports stars and I thought sport was meant to be some sort of reserve of homophobia.


I tend to find in my observations the ‘explicitly accommodate me or go fuck yourself (really, with this language)defence only harms whatever cause anyone might be putting forward. The people above just came out and they did not let it define themselves, so why should you? It makes you seem unreasonable and shallow that you are choosing to define yourself by such a single damn characteristic with a ‘its me and my select group’ versus the whole damn world, one at a time attitude that to me, would single you out about being a judgemental fuckwit.

And if you were, I wouldn’t want to know you, no matter who or what you defined yourself to be.


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