New Term !

Yaaaaay Second year English!

Well alright, maybe i would say that more sarcastically in person, but I have been rushed off my bum trying to do stuff in the last two weeks I’ve barely had time to think. The only reason I’m sitting down now and writing this is because I’ve got a damn cold.

Christ, the house needed so much peripheral work and shit sorting out. The bills, yes, they were expected. Central heating problems, when we tested it, were not.  Lack of microwave not anticipated. Six people sharing a fridge, not a good idea, sorting out cleaning rotas, incomplete furnishings, breaking furnishings…

It really was just one after the fecking other with this house. It’s a nice house, Victorian Town House and everything, but we shouldn’t have to be investing so much into it. We’re only students, and we’re paying enough rent as it is.

I do at times feel sorry for the landlord, he’s not really cut out for DIY work, and a lot of it. Pun not intended.


The other bumps in the ride were mainly the effect of mental exasperation. I had the Peer Mentor training, which was for two days (10 till 4pm too, how we did this much yet remain legally irresponsible I’m not sure about) and basically elucidated that we aren’t tutors, and we aren’t counsellors, and we’re also not parents. Well, we do have our own lives, that’s the big one that stops a lot of those things cropping up.

Last minute book panics resided too, as I was checking my class schedules online and one lecture list from one course kept referring to a book I did not have.

So I ordered it off an Amazon market place seller to specify i needed it dispatched the next day, and I got no reply. That day, told them as i had not received the dispatch notice, I needed it couriered, to no reply. So I went and bought the book from Foyles online and collected it in store. A week later I’ve still had no dispatch notice nor any goddamn book from that stupid seller.

Last thing is work. I really need a job this year. Finding a job in this city is difficult when you are effectively unskilled, and have to compete with people who will work longer hours and accept lower (below minimum wage, sometimes) pay. I’m seriously considering drug testing or sleep research… But more on that another time, I think.

I hope I get over this coldey flu thing so I can nail down a job soon. :/


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