Wherein I’m walking like a fool

I’m presently earning some money as a waitress – I’m also getting experience as this is something I have never done before, which is always useful. But good grief this is more difficult than I thought!

I work in a small(ish) four star hotel with a very good reputation and the sort of atmosphere that a little film of Middle England could very easily be made in. A 6.30 am sharp start for breakfast for two or three hours, and then a two or three hour shift in the evening has tired me out so much I utterly could not believe it. I know I do not sleep well but this is exasperating. I tell myself that I can read in the afternoons and go about anything I have to do, but I’m finding it very difficult, partly on the part that my books could easily double as prescription sedatives.

I also seem to be having some trouble reading Shakespeare, which is a bit unsettling too, as I have to read a lot of it this year.


Now for something more interesting: On the topic of literature, I’ve also just seen this on the flavourwire via time magazine:


This might initially sound like an episode in wind up merchant training, but flavorwire do actually support all their comparisons pretty thoroughly, even though lil wayne and nabokov was, I thought, just a bit of a stretch.

So I’m actually wondering this: Famous authors and their acting counterparts!

ahahahahaha oh dear me, there would be a lot of pop music in this list, but I think it would be definitely very hard to do! Though having said that, dodgy special effects are as horribly common as awful singing…

It’s used flagrantly to try and up the technicality of of a production, its always applied afterward and there’s always one guy who uses it all the time:

Isn’t 3D cinema the equivalent of autotuning?!


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