Hello world!

Hello World?

Hahahahaha, perhaps not quite, it’s what I imagine smart alec babies think when they are born.

This is the third blog i’ve started and is going to be the one I’m going to try and maintain for once, instead of venting on people about all sorts.

Though to be honest, I would hate it if this just became some quiet backwater of the internet reserved for angry shouting. If anything, this is to reinvigorate my sense of writing. I study English Literature, and its rather crushed my own literary faculties: not so good at all.

Well I suppose I should set out some ground rules and categories!

My only rule is to be polite. The whole world, should be more polite. I might curse a fair amount but I’m not swearing at someone, I’m usually swearing in someone’s periphery at a certain item.

In general I’ll pretty much be just addressing what interests me, which is probably too catch all to be useful. However, I’m an English student at a certain college of the University of London (so there’s three right there), I’m going into my second year and I’ll be living with five other girls in a couple of weeks time. I have a pretty big family and a wide circle of friends, and a really great boyfriend, who unfortunately lives on a different continent to me (argh!). I’ve just spent two months (about) in New Zealand, and that was my first trip outside Europe and the b.e.s.t. time of my whole life. When I get back to London hopefully I’ll get a job too, but that’s a big hope right there.


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